Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Passionate Customers Let Us Know When We Make a Mistake

We love the notes we receive from our passionate customers regarding our pictures. Sometimes we make mistakes when identifying the subject of a photo but our customers are quick to point out an error. This is a great message received from a very passionate customer regarding a misidentified photograph.

Dear mmgarchives,

Correction: This is NOT, Governor James B. Hunt, Democratic 4-term governor of the state of North Carolina!
This IS James Hunt, Republican Representative to the state of Indiana who took a job in Wisconsin, moved there, and tried to hold on to his seat representing a state he no longer lived in! He eventually stepped down, forced out by the people of a state he could not represent.

Governor James B. Hunt, the ONLY governor to be elected by the good people of North Carolina for an unprecedented 16 years, and one of the wisest and most altruistic governors this country has ever known. Education flourished in North Carolina and the nation during his governance. Now in his 80's, he is still an active and loyal "yellow dog Democrat" and one of the greatest men and fiercest protectors of our state.
A good name is hard to come by. Please correct the listing and remove the fine name of James B. Hunt.

Thank you,

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