Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bank Club Photo, Reno Nevada the Night Gambling was Legalized 1931

This interesting photo which sold this week was taken by Roy Curtis and shows the floor of the Bank Club casino the night that gambling became legal in Reno Nevada in 1931.

Information about photographer Roy Curtis...

Most active in the 1920s, Curtis is notable for his finely crafted, on-location work that today forms our best record of the social and economic life of Reno during this relatively unheralded decade in Nevada history. The photographs of Roy Curtis are both exceptionally detailed and often eerily mysterious. - Nevada Historical Society Exhibition

Information about the casino Bank Club...

The Bank Club was Reno's largest casino in the 1930's and 1940's. Opened in 1931, it merged with the Golden Hotel and became the Golden Bank Club in 1952. The Bank Club was originally licensed as the Bank Palace Club - the second casino to be licensed in 1931 when gambling became legal. Bill Graham, Jim McKay and Ray Kindle were the first licensees. Graham and McKay retained control of the casino for twenty years. - About.com

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