Friday, January 3, 2014

Customer Matches Photo of WWII Friend to 1944 Baltimore Sun Newspaper Story

This note was left on our Facebook page by a customer after finding a photo of his WWII friend...

Happy new year 2014 to the team!! Well, let me add here this 1941 portrait photo of my friend John Jack Cuthbert. Jack, a true Baltimorean served in WWII in the Maryland National Guard, HQco 1st Bn 175th, 29th Division. He landed in Normandy D+2, fought with his glorious regiment, being wounded during the battle of St Lô. He was decorated for bravery and survived the war... I met Jack in 1994 for the 50th anniversary of the liberation in Brittany where I live. We had a nice correspondence over the years. Jack offered me some of his old papers including a 1944 page from the Baltimore Sun where he is mentionned with photo The article was written August 1944 when he was recovering from wounds in Great Britain and received a visit from his brother who served in the Air Force. So, imagine how glad I was when I bought from The Tribune Photo Archives, the original photo which was used for the article!!! You made my day and I thank you very much for that!! I am sad to say J J. Cuthbert passed away last year. He was a Great Man I'm proud to have known.

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