Friday, January 24, 2014

Baltimore Sun Page Reprints, Photograph Reprints, and Image Licensing

You can order reprints of newspaper pages, reprints of historic photos and license images that appear on our site from the Baltimore Sun.

There are three questions we routinely get asked:
  • "Can I buy a copy of the Baltimore Sun newspaper page this photo appeared on?"
  • "Can I buy a reprint of a Baltimore Sun photograph I saw on your site?"
  • "Can I license this Baltimore Sun photo?"
Buy reprints of Baltimore Sun newspaper pages
The answer to all three questions is YES!

The Baltimore Sun Store provides options for ordering page reprints from 1837 to the present day, back issues from the last 30 days, and personalized custom page reprints. You can license images and story content direct from their store and order a variety of digital photo reprints and photo products. You can also buy a variety of coffee table books featuring historic images from their archive.

Visit the Baltimore Sun Store
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