Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Soap Box Derby Scandal Still Stings 40 Years Later

Boulder Colorado Soap Box Derby was rocked by scandal in 1973 when Jimmy Gronen was stripped of his 1973 All American Soap Box Derby Title for cheating. 40 years later the event still stirs deep passions. This letter this received after posting this photo for sale on eBay...

Soap Box Derby Scandal
TribunePhotos - The Baltimore Sun - BCO-160-BS

Please research this photo. This car /driver/family brought disgrace to the AMSBD in 1973.

This car won in 1972 by Bobby Lang, and is thought the same car repeated in 1973 driven by his cousin. It won again, but in 73 the car won by great margins and it was intimately discovered that it had an electro Magnet in the nose with batteries in the rear. It was because of this scandal that Chevrolet backed out of the derby as national sponsor. His father was owner of LANG ski boot company. According to this article, the car in the picture is reported to have cost $22,000 and was wind tunnel tested at the LANG ski boot factory

Your doing the derby a dis-service by profiting from this picture.

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