Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Digitize Your Photo Archive Or Photograph Collection Before It's Too Late

Do you have a vintage archive or collection?

All around the country there are incredible photo collections locked in storage rooms, gathering dust and deteriorating away. As each year passes these photo archives inch closer to disappearing forever and will eventually be no more unless they are digitized before it's too late. But digitization can be costly, time consuming and a logistic nightmare.

MMG can help! 

Our mission is to help you preserve your photographic legacy while simultaneously turning your photo archive into revenue. Watch this brief presentation to learn more...


MMG helps you preserve your legacy while turning your existing photo archive into a revenue producing asset!

Masterpiece Marketing Group is the leading marketer of vintage photography and archive photos in the collectibles marketplace. We turn your archive photos into bottom line revenue for your company.


First we digitize your archive so you retain the image content, data and copyright, then we market the original prints to collectors worldwide. Based on the quality and size of your archive, this can often be done at no cost you!

Once digitized we can offer a variety of additional services to help you manage and monetize your digital images including: Digital archiving, editorial integration, photo licensing and photo reprints.

Call us today to learn how MMG can turn your archive into a revenue producing asset!

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MMG Services:

  • Digitizing - Prints, Slides and Negatives
  • Digital Archiving
  • Original Photo Sales
  • Photo Licensing
  • Photo Reprints

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