Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Accidental Bomb Dropped on Wittman Maryland Boatyard

Letter received from a TribunePhotos customer...

To whom it may concern,

I recently purchased and received two photos that were published in the Baltimore Sun and told the story of an accidental bomb that dropped on a boatyard in Wittman Maryland July 2, 1947. That boatyard was owned and occupied at the time by my grandfather, father and uncle. It was the J Walter Jones and Sons Boatyard. My grandfather was Walter, my father was Orval, my uncle was Edwin.

As you might imagine I heard the story told many times as I grew up near the site itself. I have collected local newspapaer accounts along with other photos and memorabilia. I was born on August 8th of that year almost one month after the event. I was not aware of the pictures that were brought to my attention by a friend who was on your website. That is what prompted me to inquire and make the purchase.

The process of obtaining was very "user friendly". They arrived promptly and were of excellent quality. The authentication documents were an added plus.

Thanks for a great service
G. Jones

The boatyard was rebuilt and is still in place though it is now used by a gentlemen who purchased it and is now in the business of making model Chesapeake Bay deadrise boats like the ones my family built.

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