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Photographic Memories Easton Man Made Lasting Impression On Grandson

Clarence Felker from the Allentown Morning Call Archives
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Photographic Memories Easton Man Made Lasting Impression On Grandson

November 19, 1990|by FRANK WHELAN, The Morning Call

Rudolph "Rudy" Felker always knew his grandfather, Easton photographer Clarence Felker, to be a quiet, gentle man.
"In all the summers I worked with him, and I did that a lot in the 1950s, I never saw him lose his temper or utter a nasty word," says the 50-year-old resident of Horsham, Montgomery County. "Now he may have done it when I wasn't around, but he never did it in front of me."
By the time young Rudy was getting to know his grandfather, most of Clarence Felker's long career was over. From his marriage at the turn of the century until his death in 1964, Felker was one of the leading photographers of Easton. Starting in the 1920s and running into the 1950s, as grandson Rudy remembers, Felker was the city's official photographer. For almost as long, he took pictures of local crime victims for the Northampton County Detective Bureau.
Through depression and world war, Clarence Felker's busy shutter was clicking all over Northampton County. From portrait shots of generations of Lehigh graduates to the rising flood waters of the Delaware River during 1955's Hurricane Diane, Clarence Felker was recording the history of his time.
Firestone Store, North Fourth Street, Easton, PA

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