Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tell Us About The Photos You Buy

One of my favorite things about selling vintage photography is the stories we hear from our customers about the photographs they've bought from us. We receive lots of emails and phone calls from customers telling us about the people, events and places that appear in our photos. Sometimes it's a past family member or friend, sometimes it's about a subject they're passionate about. The stories make our efforts worthwhile and we often share these stories at our weekly staff meetings. It's so rewarding to me that we've been able to help people connect to the past.

We'd love to share your story with our customers. Tell us about the special photo you've found, about the photos you collect or about the subjects you're passionate about. We'd even love to share pics of you and your great photos if you'd like to email them to us.

Here is a great story from one of our customers about a motorcycle their Uncle rode for Fox Theaters. The photo was titled as "Photo James Dunn Riding Motorcycle"


I don't know who James Dunn was. But I do know that Fox had two Harley's. One my Uncle Bruce Conway rode. That Harley was delivering Movietone newsreels to all of the Fox Theatres from Los Angeles to Stockton, CA and the other was ridden by his friend Gus, who I also knew, who delivered from Los Angeles south to San Diego then East to Yuma, AZ. This route was done twice a week rain or shine. Uncle Bruce's route took him over the original Ridge Route. 4,000+ feet high, 697 curves in 40 miles, 15 MPH top speed, terrible road and lots of bad weather. Then he dropped down into the Big San Joaquin Valley where summer temps were always triple digit.
My Uncle pointed out that they had to buy their own motorcycles (before Teamsters got in) but they made $.50 and hour and worked 100 hour weeks. So 50 bucks a week and a steady job during the depression was real good money. He retired from Fox as a Teamster in 1970.

I have been looking for a photo of one of these machines for a long time.

Thank you,
Chris H.

Thanks Chris for the wonderful story about your Uncle!

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