Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Passion For Horse Racing And Horses

What subject are you passionate about?

Abigail Anderson, one of our valued customers, is passionate about thoroughbred horses. She publishes a blog titled, THE VAULT which is dedicated to the great thoroughbred race horses of the past and present. Her blog has wonderful information, photos, trivia and stories about these magnificent animals.

Abigal's passion for horses goes beyond just writing about them. As noted in the "About" section in her blog she is, "Committed to finding alternatives to the slaughter of all horses. For this reason, she supports those individuals and organizations who rescue and provide homes for unwanted horses, ponies and donkeys..." Through her blog Abigal helps raise awareness and funds for horse rescue organizations and solicits the help of her readers to choose which organizations to support.

If you're a horse racing fan or horse enthusiasts, be sure to check out her great blog. We're glad to have Abigail as a customer of The Tribune Photo Archives!

1956 Wire Photo of Kentucky Derby winner
Needles and Jockey Dave Erb
at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky
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What photos do you collect?

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