Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Original Photos of Kerry Waghorn's Caricatures Created for The Chicago Tribune

Kerry Waghorn's caricatures have appeared in over 400 publications in about 60 countries around the world.

We are fortunate that one of those many publications includes The Chicago Tribune!

Tribune Photos brings to you the original photographs of Kerry Waghorn's work that the Chicago Tribune used in their newspaper. Some of the caricatures were published by the Chicago Tribune wile others went unpublished and may never have been viewed by the general public.

Caricature subjects include political figures, entertainers, actors, sports figures and many more. A few are listed here -- many more are available on our website at

Madonna ** Mick Jagger* George Harrison ** B.B. King

Richard Nixon ** Jimmy Carter ** Ronald Reagan ** Bill Clinton

Billy Graham ** Alex Haley ** Stephen King **

Muhammad Ali ** Jimmy Connors ** Tracy Austin

Paul Newman ** Henry Fonda ** Jack Klugman ** John Belushi

Yassir Arafat ** Fidel Castro ** Daniel Ortega ** King Hussein of Jordan

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