Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Peter C. Borsari Photographic Archive is Accessible Online

The digital photo archive of Hollywood celebrity and event photographer Peter C. Borsari is now accessible online!

You can view more than 750,000 remarkable images digitized to date with new content added weekly.

Access the photo archive at

• Track and share your favorite images using personal digital lightboxes
• Share your unique knowledge by contributing keywords to image metadata
• Know which legacy prints are still available and which have already sold
• License content for your print, video and web projects
• Purchase legacy prints and order custom gallery prints
• And more!

No account is required to browse the images. Signup for a FREE account to take full advantage of all the site’s many features.

Learn more about Peter Borsari and the Borsari Photo Archive at
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Peter Borsari Photo Archive Access

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

MMG Lists $2.4 Million of .999 Fine Silver 1oz Rounds on Ebay

Looking for a unique gift for that person who has everything? Want something "solid" to put your extra money into? Want to put something in the closet for a rainy day? Think SILVER.

MMG, in conjunction with Jay Parrino's The Mint, just listed $2.4 million dollars of pure silver 1oz rounds on eBay. Lots from 500 to 50,000 .999 silver rounds are available for immediate delivery with free shipping. Larger quantities available.

View the listings:

50,000 1oz  .999 Silver Rounds - 100 MEGA BOXES of 500 ea - American Buffalo Rounds - $1,000,000

40,000 1oz  .999 Silver Rounds - 80 MEGA BOXES of 500 ea - American Buffalo Rounds - $800,000

20,000 1oz .999 Silver Rounds - 40 MEGA BOXES of 500 ea - American Buffalo Rounds - $400,000

10,000 1oz .999 Silver Rounds - 20 MEGA BOXES of 500 ea - American Buffalo Rounds - $200,000

3,000 1oz .999 Silver Rounds - 6 MEGA BOXES of 500 ea - American Buffalo Design - $60,000

2,500 1oz .999 Silver Rounds - 5 MEGA BOXES of 500 ea - American Buffalo Design - $50,000

2,000 1oz .999 Silver Rounds - 4 MEGA BOXES of 500 ea - American Buffalo Design - $40,000

1,500 1oz .999 Silver Rounds - 3 MEGA BOXES of 500 ea - American Buffalo Design - $30,000

1,000 1oz .999 Silver Rounds - 2 MEGA BOXES of 500 ea - American Buffalo Design - $20,000

MEGA BOX of 500 Silver Rounds - American Buffalo 1oz Rounds .999 Fine Silver - $10,000

These beautiful NTR minted American Buffalo 1oz .999 pure silver rounds are offered by Jay Parrino's The Mint. Each coin is 1 Troy oz of .999 fine silver and is fashioned after the famed 1913 Indian Head "Buffalo Nickel" originally designed by James Earle Fraser and released in conjunction with the National American Indian Memorial groundbreaking ceremony held at Fort Wadsworth in Staten Island on the 22nd of February, 1913. The Indian Head nickel was minted until 1938 when it was replaced by the Jefferson Nickel.

Each MEGA BOX contains 25 sealed plastic tubes, each tube containing 20 silver rounds - 500 Troy ounces of .999 pure silver bullion!

Sought after by serious collectors and precious metals investors alike, The Mint's MEGA BOX sets of certified fine silver rounds are your quality source for pure bulk silver bullion.

* Prices noted above are subject to change depending on the silver market.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Passionate Customers Let Us Know When We Make a Mistake

We love the notes we receive from our passionate customers regarding our pictures. Sometimes we make mistakes when identifying the subject of a photo but our customers are quick to point out an error. This is a great message received from a very passionate customer regarding a misidentified photograph.

Dear mmgarchives,

Correction: This is NOT, Governor James B. Hunt, Democratic 4-term governor of the state of North Carolina!
This IS James Hunt, Republican Representative to the state of Indiana who took a job in Wisconsin, moved there, and tried to hold on to his seat representing a state he no longer lived in! He eventually stepped down, forced out by the people of a state he could not represent.

Governor James B. Hunt, the ONLY governor to be elected by the good people of North Carolina for an unprecedented 16 years, and one of the wisest and most altruistic governors this country has ever known. Education flourished in North Carolina and the nation during his governance. Now in his 80's, he is still an active and loyal "yellow dog Democrat" and one of the greatest men and fiercest protectors of our state.
A good name is hard to come by. Please correct the listing and remove the fine name of James B. Hunt.

Thank you,

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bank Club Photo, Reno Nevada the Night Gambling was Legalized 1931

This interesting photo which sold this week was taken by Roy Curtis and shows the floor of the Bank Club casino the night that gambling became legal in Reno Nevada in 1931.

Information about photographer Roy Curtis...

Most active in the 1920s, Curtis is notable for his finely crafted, on-location work that today forms our best record of the social and economic life of Reno during this relatively unheralded decade in Nevada history. The photographs of Roy Curtis are both exceptionally detailed and often eerily mysterious. - Nevada Historical Society Exhibition

Information about the casino Bank Club...

The Bank Club was Reno's largest casino in the 1930's and 1940's. Opened in 1931, it merged with the Golden Hotel and became the Golden Bank Club in 1952. The Bank Club was originally licensed as the Bank Palace Club - the second casino to be licensed in 1931 when gambling became legal. Bill Graham, Jim McKay and Ray Kindle were the first licensees. Graham and McKay retained control of the casino for twenty years. -

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